Kit R4

Optical Incremental Encoder for Customized Applications

Ultra flat design, customizable, various sizes of the grating disk available and many more features

Rotary Encoders


Kit R SeriesKit R Series

Kit R4

The Kit R4 Series was especially designed for applications with especially customized requirements. These systems are not only extremely small, they are also particularly configurable. Your ideas won't be hardly limited with this series.

  • Kit R4 with EPIFLEX sensor module (1-field scanning)
  • Individually configurable
  • Integration even in smallest applications (motors, piezo stages, etc.)
  • 1 Vpp or RS 422 output signal
  • Up to 100-times signal interpolation
  • Smallest measuring step 0,135 arc seconds
  • Rotational speed up to 22,200 rpm (with 1 Vpp)
  • Special vacuum version available

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Graduated Disks

Aluminum Graduated Disks

Suitable to our rotary encoders we offer aluminium graduated disks in different sizes and numbers of lines. Our team likes to support you in the conception and planning of your application. We offer the graduated disk assembly on your customized hub and measurement as a service, for example. If required we also take over the manufacturing of the hub.

Glass Graduated Disks

For applications with special environmental conditions (e.g. magnetic fields, heat sources, vacuum, etc.) we also offer graduated disks made of glass.