Rotary Encoders




Before delivery the encoders from NUMERIK JENA will be tested and electronically adjusted under ideal mounting conditions. Furthermore, the sensor modules offer the possibility of an electronic signal adjustment after the mounting into the application. This allows the user to optimize the encoder signals regarding to the mechanical mounting conditions (tolerances).

The ADJUSTMENT TOOL and the related EPIFLEX software was designed to simplify and make the signal adjustment more effective.

  • Signal optimization for NUMERIK JENA incremental encoders
  • Evaluation of the mechanical mounting conditions
  • Signal adjustment will be done using the EPIFLEX software and a PC
  • The EPIFLEX software offers a wide range of adjustment possibilities and an automatic signal adjustment procedure

User Manual   EPIFLEX Software


The absolute encoders from NUMERIK JENA provide a USB 2.0 interface which alows the user to connect it to a PC and use the ABSOFLEX software. The ABSOFLEX USB-Adapter allows to connect the encoders D-Sub connector directly to a USB port.

User Manual