LIK Serie

Optical Incremental Encoder

Compact dimensions, individual measuring lenghts, interpolated output signals and many more features

Linear encoders


LIK SeriesLIK Series


With the all new linear encoder LIKgo NUMERIK JENA launches a completely new designed product which was especially developed to fit customer demands in a better way. The brand new 2-field scanning module brings several improvements and eases the mounting procedure for the users.

The LIKgo is the new entry-level exposed optical encoder with outstanding features and establishes the base for several upcoming products. This new design also unifies the well known strenghts of the NUMERIK JENA‘s products in a new way. Usability, a wide range of application possibilities and high quality standard are the objectives of the new LIK series.

  • Very small and lightweight encoder head
  • 20 µm grating period and measuring steps up to 78.125 nm
  • New 2-field scanning technology with extremely high signal quality
  • No phase and offset errors
  • Less interpolation errors
  • Very low power consumption and heat development
  • Interpolated TTL signals from sensor head w/o additional electronics
  • Possibility of an electronic adjustment after mounting to reduce static mounting errors
  • Improved ADJUSTMENT TOOL connection

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LIK 41

The LIK Series was especially designed for applications with limited installation space. The LIK 41 is the smallest variant of this series and was especially equipped with a 1-field sensor to minimize the size of the housing.

  • LIK 41 with EPIFLEX sensor module (1-field scanning)
  • Especially small dimensions
  • Individually configurable
  • 1 Vpp or RS 422 output signal
  • Up to 100-times signal interpolation
  • Smallest measuring step 50 nm
  • Traversing speed up to 10 m/s (with 1 Vpp)
  • Special vacuum version available

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Scale Tapes

Stainless Steel


The SINGLEFLEX-scale tape consists of a single stainless steel tape with an applied incremental track and one or more reference marks or a PRC code. The scale tape is equipped with a double-sided adhesive tape and can be mounted easily on the machine element.




The DOUBLEFLEX-scale tape consists of two superimposed stainless steel tapes. Both of them are divided by a tension uncoupled sheen of oil which ensures the adhesion between the steel tapes. The incremental track and one or more reference marks or a PRC code are applied on the upper steel tape. The lower steel tape is equipped with a double-sided adhesive tape and can be mounted easily on the machine element.

The two steel tapes are uncoupled mechanically. This ensures that the upper steel tape can expand independently of the lower steel tape due to thermal variations of the ambient temperature. By reference of the ambient temperature and the expansion coefficient of the steel tape it is possible to determine occurring length deviation of the increments. This allows you to substract out the deviation of the measurement results.




Glass Scales

For applications with special environmental conditions (e.g. magnetic fields, heat sources, vacuum, etc.) or for special demands on the dimensions we also offer scales made of glass.