Linear encoders



Smart Communication Module

The Smart Communication Module enables the flexible, cost-effective integration of ACANTO length gauges into an existing network infrastructure, eases maintenance processes through the transmission of valuation numbers and provides additional ambient environment information (e.g. temperature or air pressure) for reliable measured value interpretation.

Essential characteristics of the SCM

  • Conversion of EnDat 2.2 into the platform-independent OPC UA standard
  • Wireless data transmission at a range of up to 50 m
  • Reception and transmission of additional ambient environment information (including humidity, temperature, and air pressure)
  • Available for all ACANTO length gauges

Customer benefits

  • Cost-effective extension of networks, systems and applications
  • Flexibility to integrate new devices into an existing network infrastructure
  • Improved usability through wireless data transmission
  • Improved IT security through a sophisticated communication concept, protecting against unauthorized data access
  • Improved data availability and data security through a robust data architecture with reliable communication mechanisms
  • Reduction of downtimes due to predictive maintenance processes

User Manual