Linear encoders


Our exposed linear encoders consist of a scanning head and a scale tape. These measuring systems are basically characterized by the following main features:

  • The users slide system takes over the steering between the scanning head and the scale tape
  • Non-contact optical scanning of the scale tape by the scanning head, thereby no mechanical retroactive effect on the slide system
  • Low space requirement due to small dimensions of the encoder
  • Individual measuring lengths of the scale tapes available (up to 1,200 mm)
  • Several interfaces usable (digital and analog)
  • Possibility of an electronic signal adjustment after mounting to reduce static mounting errors
  • Two absolute tracks and two incremental sensors ensure high contamination immunity
  • Wide range of supply voltages to compensate conduction losses
  • Extensive diagnostic and monitoring functions (e.g. read head temperature)
  • High control dynamics due to low calculation time
  • Kit versions with customized frames and housings available (on request)
Typical fields of application:
  • Production and inspection machines for the semiconductor industry
  • Linear units and linear drives
  • Coordinate tables
  • Measuring machines and measuring microscopes
  • Precision devices in reprography
  • Precise machining
  • Positioning and measuring systems for medical engineering
  • Robotics