Over 40 Years of Experience

in Development, Manufacturing and Distribution of optical Encoders



Retrospectively we look back on more than 40 years of experience in development, manufacturing and distribution of measuring systems. The roots of production measuring technology connected with the production of precision parameters date back to the days of Carl Zeiss and Ernst Abbe. Bound to this great tradition, the aim of all our acitvities is the new and further development of our products. The international market’s requirements, which we are able to meet flexibly due to our products modular character, are always at top priority.

First steps into the world of the absolute measuring systems, market launch of the linear encoder series LAK and Kit LA

Expansion of the machine shop and enlargement of the inhouse production as well as enhancement of the quality standards

Completion of the new company building and move to the new location Jena-Maua, Im Semmicht 4, as well as expansion of our manufacturing technologies

Continuous expansion of the distribution network with presence in 27 countries by joining the HEIDENHAIN structure of distribution

Consolidation with OPTOLAB Microsystems GmbH from Erfurt

Move to the new location: Jena, Ilmstrasse 4 (industrial park Jena-Nord)

Comprehensive expansion of the distribution network with presence in 11 countries

Foundation of the company NUMERIK JENA GmbH and integration into the group of Dr. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH

Market launch of a new generation of measuring systems based on the newly developed EPIFLEX miniature sensor modules as well as the SINGLEFLEX and DOUBLEFLEX scale tapes. Based on these, extremely small measuring systems with an absolute accuracy up to +/-0.1 µm could be produced from then on.

Focus on rotary encoders and linear measuring systems

The product spectrum increased continuously. By the end of the 80s the following product groups were a part of the product line: rotary encoders, angle measuring systems, open and caspuled linear measuring systems, position indications, laser interferometers, stepper motors and ball screws

Foundation of the business domain NUMERIK within the enterprise Carl Zeiss Jena aiming to develop positioning measuring technology for NC-controlled machine tools and automated measuring instruments